3 Oct 2010

Faster than the speed of data!

Okay so I have made a couple of minor linux posts, which in turn seems to be accounting towards my advertesment content which is rather cool. Now back to business, this is just to give a brief overveiw of the stuff I would like to be covering in the future. As you may already know I am an advocator of freedom in many differnt ways, my Linux posts have been driven by my love for open source software. However this is not a Linux reference page. Like I said before, I wish to share ALL my digital discoveries with you guise, so first off, have you ever seen a browser in yo browser dawg? Follow this URL and you will :
Copy and paste into bar at the top (hurrr durrrrr) and prepare to have brix shat!


You see that? Cool huh? Well okay, not that amazing but at least it's something. Anyhow, in the future I would like to be covering topics such as:
  • Basic networking
  • How to set up a home file server
  • Writing basic scripts (Linux + Windows)
  • Fun hacks
  • Latest internet buzzes
  • News on software development (especially browsers like the soon to be Firefox 4.0)
Expect there to be the odd rambling here or there in between, this is a blog after all. So remember to eat wholewheat pasta and DON'T BELIEVE THE HYPE!

: The game :


  1. Fun hacks!!? Whoop whoop bro.

    My wholewheat pasta shall be consumed with much voracity.

  2. I copied that link into my browser but it didn't do anything. What was meant to happen?

  3. I see you know a lot about this stuff, you must know the same as I know about xxx, lol. I like when people are good in something, I mean, I know a lot about graphic design, and you know a lot about Linux and computers.

  4. @darkkight: It put a browser in yo browser dawg! Didn't you get the memo? :D

  5. Very cool, can't wait for me bro!

  6. Great post!

    looking forward to reading the next one

  7. Oh man.
    Dat browser in browser action is AWESOME.

  8. When it comes to your post, GTL can also stand for "Great Thoughts at Length"... keep it up!

  9. I love your blog, the design and layout, its very cool!

  10. nice, I can't wait to see what you have to say in your next post

  11. I just got done with my GTL session this morning, and I was amused by your post

    keep up the solid work!