11 Oct 2010

Virtual Control

Oh, hai!

Today I'm gonna tell you some stuff about linux, which may be so under-used that some of you modern nix users might not be privvy to it. Basically I'm talking about virtual consoles. Are you running your favorite flavour of linux? If yes then you should have the ability to jump into one of your virtual consoles at any time. But before I tell you how to strike the "chord" that summons your virtual consoles, I must tell you that currently your GUI (Graphical User Interface......The pretty picture windows you are used to. Derp) are located on virual console command F7, did you get that? F7! If you want to know where the pretty windows went after you press the shortcut, which I'm going to tell you......Just remember (the "chord") + F7.

Right, enough condescending bullshit. I want you to press the chord: CTRL+ALT+F2
See that? It's one of you virtual consoles! You can log into it and run it the same as you would terminal or whatever, run super user, all that shit. However you cannot execute programes that require the GUI. But I think you can play a co-ordinates command version of gnome chess (If your running gnome, I've never bothered with KDE or XFCE personally. But thats up to you.) Pressing the other F# keys will take you to the other virtual consoles, from F2 right up to F7! (which is the regular console)
Standard Ubuntu users shouldn't have any problems pulling this off. If you notice any difference in what I have said when using other distros, please don't hesitate to tell me so I can ammend the tutorial (if it can even be called that).
 So there you have it Virtual Consoles! *Next time: Installing from source code*


3 Oct 2010

Faster than the speed of data!

Okay so I have made a couple of minor linux posts, which in turn seems to be accounting towards my advertesment content which is rather cool. Now back to business, this is just to give a brief overveiw of the stuff I would like to be covering in the future. As you may already know I am an advocator of freedom in many differnt ways, my Linux posts have been driven by my love for open source software. However this is not a Linux reference page. Like I said before, I wish to share ALL my digital discoveries with you guise, so first off, have you ever seen a browser in yo browser dawg? Follow this URL and you will :
Copy and paste into bar at the top (hurrr durrrrr) and prepare to have brix shat!


You see that? Cool huh? Well okay, not that amazing but at least it's something. Anyhow, in the future I would like to be covering topics such as:
  • Basic networking
  • How to set up a home file server
  • Writing basic scripts (Linux + Windows)
  • Fun hacks
  • Latest internet buzzes
  • News on software development (especially browsers like the soon to be Firefox 4.0)
Expect there to be the odd rambling here or there in between, this is a blog after all. So remember to eat wholewheat pasta and DON'T BELIEVE THE HYPE!

: The game :

1 Oct 2010

Oh hai!

Just thought I'd let you know that Linux Mint is soooo much more cash than ubuntu 10.4. Feel free to post comment about your fav distros. Anymone heard of air? It rules, and you can breath it man. Super cool OS bro. Also: The Game.

29 Sep 2010

Lets start with some LINUX!

I only started this blog yesterday, so I'm gonna fill some space with a little bit of info on LINUX. I want to tell you about a command called "nmap". It's a useful tool for scanning large networks and finding vulnerabilities within that network. Here's how to install and use this function:

Open your console and type the following command:

sudo apt-get install nmap

Once installed you can use it to check to see if you are vulnerable by typing:

nmap -v -A "your_IP_here"

(Remove quotes and fill in the details!)

The -v and -A are case sensitive. It should scan all your ports and tell you if any are open. Replace your IP with someone elses and it will tell you about their system! If you are using linux, your ports should all be closed. They can be opened externally so continually check to make sure that they haven't been opened.

3ND 7R4N5M15510N.......*

28 Sep 2010


Welcome to PL4N37 L3k5!

Now , to start with lets get one thing straight: My love of the internet comes primarily from a singular concept, the concept of freedom (within the obvious boundaries of technology today). The freedom to say what we like and express it with various mediums such as pictures, video and music. etc.   This blog page is going to be my first experimental project for recording my discoveries, and sharing them with any who wish to learn interesting and enlightening stuff. The more I learn about the way the site works, the better it will get. I have every intention to keep this blog updated and worthy.

 3ND 7R4N5M15510N.................*