29 Sep 2010

Lets start with some LINUX!

I only started this blog yesterday, so I'm gonna fill some space with a little bit of info on LINUX. I want to tell you about a command called "nmap". It's a useful tool for scanning large networks and finding vulnerabilities within that network. Here's how to install and use this function:

Open your console and type the following command:

sudo apt-get install nmap

Once installed you can use it to check to see if you are vulnerable by typing:

nmap -v -A "your_IP_here"

(Remove quotes and fill in the details!)

The -v and -A are case sensitive. It should scan all your ports and tell you if any are open. Replace your IP with someone elses and it will tell you about their system! If you are using linux, your ports should all be closed. They can be opened externally so continually check to make sure that they haven't been opened.

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  1. Well, it seems interesting, but what is the win on that?

  2. Security? Open ports is gateways, amiright?

  3. I'm currently running Windows but I might be interested in Linux on my next PC. Also sweet background man.

  4. another refreshing article as always :P

  5. Same thing with me, style.

    Including the background thing! Amazing green binary!